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Muhlenberg Athletic Hall of Fame
If you wish to nominate someone for the Muhlenberg College Athletic Hall of Fame, please write a letter with your name, the name of the nominee and supporting information to:

Alumni Office
Athletic Hall of Fame
Muhlenberg College
2400 Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18104-0556

or send e-mail to:

The Muhlenberg College Athletic Hall of Fame was not conceived; it was created through eighty-one years of effort by thousands of dedicated men and women who sought to achieve to the best of their physical
2008 Hall of Fame inductees
2008 inductees Jill (Roth) Williams, Elizabeth Billie, Allison (Verduin) Walker and Peter Shimkin (left to right) flank members of the 1947 football team: George Schmauch, Joe Staudinger, Joe Menegus, Mike Bogdziewicz (standing left to right), Nick Yannuzzi, Larry Hayden and Ed Vozella (seated left to right).
capacity while pursuing the development of their mental capabilities.

On the gridiron, the diamond, the court, the greensward, the track, the mat — the arena of intercollegiate competition — they sought to bring glory to their Alma Mater and to themselves.

For their dedication, hours of practice, years of training to bring their bodies to peak of achievement, we offer our respect — our gratitude. We recognize that their efforts in the brief moments of combat were the culmination of mountainous preparation and devotion.

They have enjoyed the sweet nectar of victory and the bitter essence of agonizing defeat. Their combined efforts have filled the record books for Muhlenberg College.

We salute them all.

We extend the laurel wreath — the Hall of Fame medal — to a few — a small representation of the many who wrote the record. Many wait on the sidelines to join them. To all we give our congratulations.



1915Walter Reisner *
1916Gurney F. Afflerbach +#*
1916William S. Ritter *
1920Earl S. Erb *
1921Harold C. Anderson *
1921George Feldman *
1921John V. Shankweiler +*
1921William Wills *
1923J. Birney Crum *
1923George Holstrom +*
1924C. Herbert Reinartz *
1926Andrew S. Leh *
1927Winfred M. Slemmer *
1928Nicholas C. Borrell *
1928Edgar G. Dickert *
1928George E. Lawson *
1931Charles H. Gerhart +*
1931Milton “Mickey” Weiner
1932George E. Majercik *
1933William C. Horine *
1933Wendell A. “Winnie” Welsh *
1934Horace N. Heist *
1934Albert Weiner *
1935John Deitrich +*
1935Michael Lisetski *
1936Thomas H. Weaber, Jr. +*
1937Charles L. Garrettson +*
1938Henry Gutekunst *
1938Rev. Edward S. Horn +*
1939Edward Farrell *
1939John “Stretch” McKee *
1940Walter “Whitey” Kurowski *
1940J. Milo Sewards *
1941L. Perry Scott *
1941Franklin “Footer” Wolfe *
1942John J. “Jack” Minogue *
1942Raymond H. Moats, Sr. *
1942Peter P. Schneider *
1943Edward Bossick *
1943Arthur T. Hill
1943Peter Gorgone *
1943John Psiaki
1944Wayne R. Keck +
1947Oscar Baldwin
1947George J. Bibighaus *
1948Harold W. “Bill” Bell *
1949Harry H. Donovan
1949Robert E. Mirth *
1949Edward J. Sikorski *
1950Sisto J. Averno
1950Martin W. Binder *
1950Michael Bogdziewicz *
1950Jack W. Crider
1950Ricahrd McGee
1951William E. Jackson
1954Larry J. Friedman
1956John M. McDonald
1956Anthony A. Saddler
1957Robert G. Gall *
1957Francis Gutierrez
1957Paul Billy
1957Dennis F. Roth *
1959Clinton Jeffries
1959Mel Kessler
1960Frank “Herb” Owens
1961Ronald F. Druckenmiller
1962Carol Emhardt Kuntzleman *
1962Charles T. Kuntzleman
1963Ruth M. Smith
1963Samuel T. Beidleman +
1964Dean Lowe
1965Richard Biolsi
1965Mary Ann Peters Watson
1965Lynn Rothrock
1965Gary K. Spengler
1966Charles F. Woginrich
1967Carol M. Bailey
1967John R. Piper
1970George E. “Ned” Rahn
1970Michael L. “Mickey” Miller
1970Susan E. Mensch
1971Bruce L. Fechnay
1971Robert C. McClure
1972Edward F. DiYanni
1972Frank Scagliotta
1973Eddie R. Battle
1974Joseph Allwein
1974Robert B. Richard
1974Patricia A. Sullivan
1976Gregory S. Muntz
1976Glenn Salo
1978Randy Kutz
1979Robert “Yogi” Edwards
1979James M. Hay
1980John D. Sartori
1981Lisa Ball-Goodrich
1981Brian E. Bodine
1982Anne Petrou Reed
1982Rebecca Zuurbier
1983Gary J. Greb
1984Ken Chwatek
1984Diane Reppa-Sokalski
1985GloriaAnn Hardy Doherty
1986Reinout M. Brugman
1987Mindy Feinberg Nathanson
1987Matthew T. German
1988Michele Marangi Ring
1988Anne K. Searles
1989Sharon (Peifer) Gleichmann
1989Mark Maehrer
1990Christian J. Bingman
1990Christine A. Churetta
1991Elaine M. Gratrix
1993Felicia L. Perryman
1994R. Dennis Adams
1994Amanda Wachter Hill
1996Timothy Averell
1996Peter Shimkin
1997Daniel Terpstra
1998Lauren Buyyounouski Barnicle
1999Elizabeth Billie
1999Celina Boer Schmidt
1999Sarah Clarke-Mismer
1999Jill (Roth) Williams
2000Allison (Verduin) Walker
2002Joshua Carter
2002Mark Lesko
1946 basketball
1946 football
1947 football
1995 men’s soccer
Lee Coker +#
Jean A. Hecht *#
Wilson Hendricks *+
Helene Hospodar *#
Ronald J. Lauchnor #
Frank Marino #
William “Scotty” Renwick *@
Floyd “Ben” Schwartzwalder *#
Jeffrey Tipping #
Raymond J. Whispell *+#
Milton W. “Scotty” Wood *+
* deceased + honorary member # coach @ trainer

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